Monster Colorado Moose!

Governor's Tag SCI Raffle hunter Armand LaBroucherie is all smiles after bagging this 175-inch Shiras moose in Colorado.

Governor's Tag SCI Raffle hunter Armand LaBroucherie is all smiles after bagging this 175-inch Shiras moose in Colorado.

Hunting moose is a serious dream of mine, especially with my Hoyt.

Closest I’ve been to killing a moose however was on a night-time drive through Maine after an unsuccessful spring bear hunt in New Brunswick.

In fact, the reality is the two moose in the middle of the road were closer to killing me than I was to killing one of them.

So unless I win the lottery – and I don’t play it – bagging the largest deer in North America is going to remain a pipe dream of mine until I get the kids through college.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t dream, especially about bagging a toad bull like this one that showed up in my e-mail Inbox.

Thought you might like to see a 57″ Shiras moose from Colorado one of  our hunters shot on Sept. 12, 2009. Scores 180 gross and 175 net.  Taken by Gov.’s Tag SCI Raffle hunter, Armand LaBrucherie. Scott Limmer, Comanche Wilderness Outfitters, Inc.”

Though far short of the Colorado B&C state record Shiras bull of 196 5/8 inches taken by Brad B. Schwindt in 1997 (a bull that ranks #6 all-time in the B&C Shiras records), the LaBrucherie bull is still a mega-bull.

In fact, once the official 60-day scoring period is up, this bull could be a potential “Top 5” Shiras moose in Colorado history.

As a friend of mine said in his e-mail, I “…need to spend some more time hunting in Colorado.”

No argument there, especially with a Shiras pic like this staring me in the face!


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