Happy Freak Nasty Week!

In honor of Saturday’s appearance of Halloween on the 2009 calendar, H-365 is going to spend this week looking at deer and big game hunting’s “Freak Nasties”.

001 HalloweenBuck2008

From alien looking bucks to monster looking bulls, H-365 is pleased to announce the arrival of "Freak Nasty Week!"

From alien looking zombies – like this big bruiser caught on camera last fall just a few days before a North Texas hunter turned out his bright lights once and for all – to Medusa resembling bucks with point-explosions on top of their non-typical noggins to some  animals straight out of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not,” be sure to push past the sticky cobwebs this week to knock on the H-365 Internet door.

If you do, you’ll be in for some great tricks and treats courtesy of some of the gnarliest looking, wackiest looking, and scariest looking critters found anywhere on the planet!  

But that’s not all.

As the best 30 days of white-tailed deer hunting begin around much of Big Buck Nation, look for a collection of hunting stories aimed at helping you fill a tag on your own freak nasty monster this fall, a Halloween monster that will haunt the wall in your home for years to come!

And since the most wonderful time of the year is finally at hand for H-365 deer hunters – sorry Andy Williams, the rut rules in this kingdom – expect to see a few tales of big and scary ones that didn’t get away.

Come back and tune in often – can you do that on the I-net? – to share in this wonderfully maddening big buck affliction known around here as the “Rut B1T1” (Bag 1, Tag 1) strain.

So from one end of the H-365 world to the other, “Happy Freak Nasty Week!”


About hunting365

Lynn Burkhead is a blessed man who digs being alive to know, live for, and worship the Creator; being married to his babe, Charissa; and being "Dad" to Katie, Zach, and Will. Professionally, he is a nationally recognized outdoor writer who served as an associate editor, senior writer, and blog columnist for the ESPNOutdoors.com Web site for much of this decade. Burkhead has also been a deer hunting columnist and fishing fundamentals columnist for Texas Fish & Game magazine as well as serving as a hunting columnist for Southern Sporting Journal magazine. Finally, he has been a busy freelance writer and photographer for more than a decade with hundreds of byline credits appearing in such places as Bassmaster.com, Bowhunt America, Bowhunter, Buckmasters, Field & Stream, GrandViewOutdoors.com, Great Plains Game & Fish, Louisiana Game & Fish, Lone Star Outdoor News, North American Whitetail, Oklahoma Game & Fish, Outdoor Life, Realtree.com, Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, Texas Sporting Journal, and Texas Sportsman. When time permits, you'll typically find him outside with a bow, a shotgun, a fly rod, or a Nikon camera in his hand. View all posts by hunting365

3 responses to “Happy Freak Nasty Week!

  • Mike Reber

    web site expired?

  • Tim Williams

    I was wondering if you could give me any information of whom posted this picture. I killed this deer last deer season on November 17. The buck grossed 174 and some change. Thank you Tim Williams

  • hunting365

    Hi Tim,

    I posted the picture. It was e-mailed to me by a hunter last fall. As I recall, he was hunting the deer and was disappointed that the deer had moved off their property. But bad luck for him was obviously great luck for you! Congrats on one super fine buck!


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