Ohio’s Ultimate Freak Nasty?

In a year where huge antlered bucks seem to be crashing to the ground almost weekly, you knew it had to happen sooner or later.

So, it should come as no surprise to any big buck observer that the two most electrifying words in deer hunting have finally been uttered this fall.

World record

001 OhioWRContender2009

Is this non-typical said to be arrowed in southern Ohio a record book smashing whitetail? The rumor on the cyber-street says maybe.

Of course, with the prerequisite word “potential” dutifully inserted before the mere mention of any possible electrifying WR status, I might add.

And just where is this latest WR possibility?

Ohio, the site of the last official world record status to be awarded in the world of whitetail deer hunting.

That buck, of course, was the massive Mike Beatty Buck, a stunning 39-point non-typical deer arrowed in November 2000 by the then 31-year old Xenia, Ohio resident.

At a time when most of the nation watched breathlessly to see whether George W. Bush or Al Gore would win the White House as votes and hanging chads were counted and recounted, the eyes of nearly every deer hunter in North America turned to Greene County, Ohio where Beatty had downed a freak nasty for the ages.

Except that like the circuitous route that took Bush from the Texas’ governor’s mansion to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it took Beatty an equally strange journey to capture the Pope & Young Club’s non-typical world record mark.

Why? Because at the time that Beatty had arrowed the buck sporting a gross score in the 300-inch range, he had done so with a Mathews Z-Lite compound bow with 80% let-off.

So it wasn’t until 2003 (when the Pope & Young Club voted to rescind their previous restriction of allowing no animal into their record book that had been taken with a bow featuring a let-off of more than 65%) that Beatty had his chance to officially enter his deer into the P&Y records and ask for his own version of a “recount.” 

001 MikeBeatty2000PYWRNT

The 2000 Mike Beatty Buck, a 39-point freak nasty from Greene County, Ohio, is the current Pope & Young Club world record non-typical with a score of 294 0/8 inches.

Finally, after panel scoring by the P&Y Club in early 2005, the Beatty non-typical buck was given an official net measurement of 294 0/8 inches.

And its rightful spot atop the Pope & Young Club’s non-typical throne.

That was because the Beatty Buck’s official P&Y score was more than enough to beat out the previous P&Y world record benchmark, the 279 7/8 inch Del Austin buck from Nebraska, a world record that had stood since 1962.

Ok, that was then, what about now?

Well, according to a variety of sources beginning to pick up this buck on their radar, the rumor mill indicates that this massive 2009 buck from Ohio is a potential record book smasher.

So just how big is this Ohio mega-monster taken by this as of yet unknown hunter in an as of yet unknown spot?

(Editor’s Note: the buck is said to be perhaps from Adams County, the same county where the 291 2/8 inches net Jonathon Schmucker “Amish Buck” was killed in November 2006)

Maybe big enough to shock the world.

Details are sketchy, but this is apparently an Ohio buck that rough scores somewhere north of 320,” says Outdoor Life’s deputy editor Gerald Bethge (also the author of the great book “Advanced Rut Hunting” by The Lyons Press) in “OL’s Big Buck Zone Blog.”

Over at Mike Hanback’s “Big Deer” blog, he writes that this buck will add up in a hurry and that “…I do know it was killed north of Cincy but that is about it.”

If such dimensions prove to be even reasonably accurate, then there is the possibility that this buck could shake up the record book.

And while a 320-figure (which I remind H-365 readers is only a RUMORED figure at this point in time) would fall far short of the current Boone & Crockett Club world record mark of 333 7/8 (the Missouri Monarch found dead outside of St. Louis in 1981) it could potentially challenge an unofficial mark that exists in the B&C Club’s book.

And that mark belongs to the 307 5/8 inch net buck held by Tony Lovsteun, the celebrated Iowa youth who downed the massive non-typical back in 2003 near Albia, Iowa.

While Lovsteun’s buck ranks third all-time in the B&C non-typical rankings, the other two (the #1 Missouri Monarch and the #2 Ohio “Hole-in-the-Horn” Buck) are both entered as pick-ups, meaning that the Lovsteun buck is the largest whitetail ever legally killed by a hunter. 

Up until now, anyway.

So where will this supposed 2009 Ohio super-buck fall?

Who knows?

But here’s my take on this Buckeye State freak nasty shown in the above pic: the Ohio buck has two great main beams, a very good spread, and some serious mass and tine length to add up rapidly on the score sheet.

But 300 net-inches is about as rare as it gets in whitetail deer hunting history with only four bucks eclipsing that magical mark.


And frankly, with what appears to me to be just 20-something points total in this picture, I don’t think this deer will add up to such a lofty and rumored number as a potential fifth member of the rarefied air of the 300-inch Big Buck Club. 

Mid to perhaps the upper 200s for this buck is my current take, but not over the 300-inch mark, at least in terms of the net number that determines record book entry and positioning.

But I’ve certainly been wrong before and perhaps I will be again in terms of this buck and its final score when all is said and done.

And like I’ve said before, with a mega-buck like this lying in the back of a pick-up, who cares what it will score?!?

Because this bruiser whitetail is indeed the poster-boy for the big buck term of “Freak Nasty“!

S0 congrats to the unknown Buckeye State hunter…and stay tuned for more info on this stunning Ohio deer because I’ll certainly keep digging.


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Lynn Burkhead is a blessed man who digs being alive to know, live for, and worship the Creator; being married to his babe, Charissa; and being "Dad" to Katie, Zach, and Will. Professionally, he is a nationally recognized outdoor writer who served as an associate editor, senior writer, and blog columnist for the ESPNOutdoors.com Web site for much of this decade. Burkhead has also been a deer hunting columnist and fishing fundamentals columnist for Texas Fish & Game magazine as well as serving as a hunting columnist for Southern Sporting Journal magazine. Finally, he has been a busy freelance writer and photographer for more than a decade with hundreds of byline credits appearing in such places as Bassmaster.com, Bowhunt America, Bowhunter, Buckmasters, Field & Stream, GrandViewOutdoors.com, Great Plains Game & Fish, Louisiana Game & Fish, Lone Star Outdoor News, North American Whitetail, Oklahoma Game & Fish, Outdoor Life, Realtree.com, Rocky Mountain Game & Fish, Texas Sporting Journal, and Texas Sportsman. When time permits, you'll typically find him outside with a bow, a shotgun, a fly rod, or a Nikon camera in his hand. View all posts by hunting365

2 responses to “Ohio’s Ultimate Freak Nasty?

  • norman

    I think that deer now belongs to the state of ohio. 3 guys are being charged for poaching. that is why we know nothing about it. once they are convicted we most likely know all the inches.

  • Dakota

    Congrats to the hunter that killed the big southern Ohio freak nasty last season but its def NOT 325 it might be in the high 200’s. Even if it isnt a world record it is still a buck of a lifetime.

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