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Nevada Velvet Antlered Monster!

Was checking out Sitka Gear’s Facebook site this evening and I came across this.

Greg Krogh (right) is perhaps the best mule deer guide in the country. A few days ago in Nevada, Krogh guided well-known Texas bowhunter Jack Brittingham (left) to this mega muley. Oh yeah, it looks like Sitka Gear's Optifade pattern has done it again.


Arizona-based mule deer guide extraordinaire Greg Krogh (who has guided well-known Hoyt bowhunter Randy Ulmer to a Nevada monster mule deer and a huge Nevada bull elk in recent years) has done it again.

As in hitting guiding pay-dirt. 

This time, the Mogollon Rim Outfitters  head man guided well-known Texas bowhunter Jack Brittingham to a Silver State mega mule deer.

Here’s what Krogh, a Sitka Gear athlete wearing the company’s top-end Optifade gear, had to say on the Sitka Gear FB site about Jack’s huge velvet buck:

This is a buck that Jack Brittingham just killed with me in Nevada. He shot the buck on the first day of his hunt. The next three days were spent backpacking into some remote country looking for a buck for the other hunter in our camp. The Taxidermist scored the buck at 32 inches wide and 197.” – Greg Krogh

As usual, job well done Greg…and Jack too!

For the bowhunter, I’m not sure that there is anything like chasing these late summer high country mule deer still carrying around the fuzz on their gargantuan horns.

Krogh should know.

Because as many of you know, he’s got quite a track record as a big game guide.

In fact, I think I’ll go on record and call Greg Krogh the best mega muley guide on the continent.

And that’s not to even mention the fact that he’s pretty handy with a bow in his own right.

Need proof? Then consider this story that I wrote about his huge 2004 typical mule deer buck that scored 206 0/8 inches.

One of these days, Lord willing I want to be in a picture like that.

Gripping and grinning a fuzzy horned mule deer.

One that looks like a bona fide monster.

Or as Michael Waddell says, a FREAK NASTY.

Both in the field…and on my wall.

With such late summer big antlered dreams dancing around in my head, something tells me that I know where to start.

First, by drawing a good Nevada mule deer tag.

And second, by booking a trip with Krogh.

Because when it comes to mega muleys, the proof isn’t always in the pudding.

These days, it’s in the ever-growing pile of digital photos that Krogh keeps adding to his impressive collection.