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Boomer Sooner Bow Buck!

A number of huge bucks have fallen across the nation so far this month as archers take to the field for the opening salvo of whitetail hunting in the autumn of 2010.

One such buck is a bruiser from the sleeper big buck state of Oklahoma.

Here’s what came attached with the e-mail that I received:

Not much is known about this big archery buck except that it came from Oklahoma this month and is reported to score "195 and change."

Oklahoma low fence with 52 inches of mass.  The story I got is this guy missed this deer opening weekend of bow season (nobody would have believed me).  He ended up getting another shot at him this last weekend at last light.  It scores 195 and some change.

An impressive deer, no doubt.

And not surprising in the least.

Thanks to the increasing high quality of bucks that Oklahoma has produced in recent years.

Something due in part to the state’s quality habitat, its good genetics, a lengthy archery season, a short modern firearm season, and a relatively mild climate.

And because of all of that, don’t be surprised to see a 200-inch typical come from Oklahoma over the next several years.

A typical that could possibly threaten to knock over the long-standing 204 4/8 inch Pope & Young Club world record typical taken by Mel Johnson in Peoria County, Illinois in November 1965.

And a buck that could cause the state’s battle cry to turn from the gridiron’s “Boomer!” to the whitetail hunting world’s “Booner!”